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Product sizes:

(H) Back Height: 89 cm

(W) Width: 64 cm

(L) Depth: 56 cm

Weight: 8 Kg

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When Buying a Wooden Chair: Please Pay particular attention to the Product Weight and Type of Wood Used. Products Made of Non-Thick Wood Material Will Not Be Long-Lasting. Hornbeam or beech wood products produced from external trees are not strong enough.

Product sizes:

(H) Back Height: 89 cm

(W) Width: 64 cm

(L) Depth: 56 cm

Weight: 8 Kg

Product features:

Skeleton: Baked 1st Grade Hornbeam Tree

Parts: Fully wood including feet, backrest waterproof italy PVC Fabric

Product Standard Color: White

Backstop: 2 Stage Retraction

Color Options: Standard White, for other color options please contact by phone

Mounting: No Installation Required.

Warranty Period: 2 Years

Product description:

Our product is manufactured from Baked Hornbeam Wood and it has been subjected to paint and polishing processes according to outdoor use. The paint and varnish used are water based and are of the highest quality in the market and therefore our products are extra resistant to rain and mud.

Our chair is foldable and does not require installation. Picnic areas, your site, your balcony, your garden, cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels in four seasons to use. It does not take up much space because it is foldable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

In our chair, the first class moisture level is reduced to 12%. On the hornbeam tree, there are 2 layers of wipeable and renewable wood paint application. It is painted with preservative, which protects against decay, preserves against mold, fungus and insects. The wooden records on the legs were screwed with steel screws with 1st class wood glue. Therefore, it does not swing and play. Wood parts of the product can be dyed and renewable. The connection components are manufactured by pressing with thick metal rivets. The bolt assembly is galvanized and does not rust. When unpacked, it can be used without assembly.

The quality of the screw and rivet elements used in the folding chairs increases the service life of the product. Considering this issue in our products, A quality rivets and screw products were preferred.

Another issue is the health and suitability of paint and varnish used. Paint and varnish used in our products are not carcinogenic and certified.

There is a 2-year repair guarantee against defects in manufacturing and workmanship.    

Wood Painting Color:

Standard White Color.

For other color options please contact private message.

White, Yellow, Green, Red and Blue Color options are available and the price difference is 25TL per chair for colors other than Walnut.

Used Fabric Color and Model:

Seating and backrest is made of Italian PVC, water-repellent, easy to wash, is an extra-durable material without drying.

Chair Group:

Foldable Wooden Chair,

Multi-functionality and ease of use is one of the basic requirements for modern furniture. Foldable chairs take up little space and can be easily transported, stored.

The quality of the material used in folding products will extend the service life of the product. We trust our quality and we guarantee against fabrication errors for 2 years.

Product Care:

It does not need special care. Can be cleaned with mild soapy and damp cloth

Special Request Note: You can call us for your special orders.


The most important reason why manufacturers and buyers in the furniture sector prefer the hornbeam tree is the robust structure and durability of this tree.

What are the places where hornbeam is used?

The hornbeam tree is a must for the furniture sector due to its hard and durable timber. When the furniture sellers sell their products, they are particularly important if the product is made of hornbeam. Like the structure of hornbeam has a durable and qualified image. If a wooden material or beech is used in the product, it may be a valid reason to use or buy the product. It is the raw material of high quality wood products.

Hornbeam is a tree that is not broken easily. Therefore, it is more difficult to process. Craftsmen in the furniture industry have a hard time working with hornbeam. A little more effort has to be made than other trees to process the low noise. For this reason, those who want to buy quality furniture usually prefer the products made of white.

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